Do you need ideas to help you develop your Trend Following System? There are many profitable ideas and we are always on the lookout for new Trend Following systems. Click the links on the left and you will find simple, robust ideas that capture trends. While the systems will be complete by including position sizing, stops and exits, use them as a base or just as an idea to create your own Trend Following system. You will have more success with a system that matches your trading style and has sound trading principles than you will with a prepackaged system alone.

For more information on the parts of a Trend Following System, visit as these questions are answered in the systems listed on this site:

  • When do I buy? When do I enter the market and take a position?
  • How much do I buy? How do I calculate position size?
  • When do I get out of a losing position? How do I cut losses short?
  • When do I get out of a winning position? How do I let winners run?

You will still need to answer these questions when deciding on your system:

  • What do I buy? What instruments? How much leverage?
  • How will I test the system to determine the expectation and profitability?
  • Will I be able to follow the rules and stick with my system even through losing periods? Use a system with a low winning percentage with large winners that overcome many small losses?

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